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Great Houses is the main discussion community of the sorted members of Westeros Sorting.

Feel free to interact and have fun with your fellow ASOIAF fans. It's important to join this community for the moderators' announcements and updates.

Your moderators are misstopia (Lord Commander), missyquill (Lannister), rebel (Lannister),jesatria (Martell), alenky_cveto4ek (Stark), muku_muku (Stark), mauvais_pli (Targaryen), ikel89 (Targaryen), kibethsbark (Tully), moryssa (Tully), moderntrickster (Tully), hamsterwoman (Tyrell) and sephystabbity (Tyrell).

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1. This is a members only community. You have to join in order to see the posts.

2. Please keep this a drama-free community. Debating is good but bashing is not allowed. If you have problems, concerns, and the sort, please tell one of the moderators.

3. Off-topic discussions do not belong to this community. Make sure that your posts are related to ASOIAF. It's a big universe. You can't possibly run out of topics to discuss. It's alright to connect it with your other fandoms too, as long as ASOIAF is still in the picture. The topic of people in our community counts as ASOIAF-related, too, just FYI.

4. Netspeak is strongly discouraged. \

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